Along with our tuition provision, we also recruit education professionals for different settings.

Finding fully vetted teaching staff  can be time-consuming for schools. This is where we can help. Our specialist service saves you time. 

We appreciate the importance of selecting the right person for the role. With our wealth of experience, we are confident, we can find the right fit to suit your needs. 

We ensure that all candidates are well-qualified. When recruiting, we look for candidates who excel in their field and who have a passion for teaching and learning. 

As part of our service and to ensure our safeguarding processes are complete, we carry out rigorous checks. To ensure candidates meet safeguarding requirements, we:

  • carry out a pre-screen telephone call
  • Undertake a face-to-face interview
  • verify the candidates identity
  • verify the candidates academic qualifications
  • obtain two references
  • carry out an enhanced DBS check
  • then, send you a list of short-listed candidates
Some of the roles that we can help with include:
  • long-term  
  • permanent roles
  • day-to-day roles
  • leadership roles
  • support roles
For any other requirements, please feel free to send us an email or give us a call.


Our fees are transparent and clear. We do not ask for an up-front costs or charge for our initial screening service and we only charge once a candidate has been placed.

Book your free consultation today, or register a job by filling in our contact form, or feel free to call us to book a free consultation to discuss your requirements.  

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